Dated 1859-1871. From Series of notes describing experiments to investigate the nature of electricity, magnetism and thermodynamics, [1834-1855].

Notes relating to the development of the dynamo including designs with plane paper models describing armature rotation; list of applications of magneto-electric devices and summary of the basic principles of their operation; lists of proposed experiments involving electromagnets; description by Charles Wheatstone of an experiment into electrical induction outlined by William Robert GroveĀ (1811-1896), natural philosopher, judge and designer of the Grove Cell, in an article published in Philosophical Magazine, 1868; experiments on electrical attraction and repulsion, the differential inductometer and note on the theoretical explanation for induction; description of field experiments involving telegraphic communication, 1859-1871; experiments designed to test conductivity within substances; summaries of some basic observations regarding electrical phenomena including electrical potential, electrical discharge and voltaic batteries.