KS2/English: Telegrams

Holmes 1

Summary: Pupils will learn about telegrams and select and record essential information.  They use inference and provide evidence in an activity looking at telegrams from Sherlock Holmes stories.  They write conversations revealing character and write a telegram from which their readers can infer a character's personality.

The activities can form a unit on telegrams or be used separately.  They address National Curriculum statutory requirements:

reading: • retrieve and record information from non-fiction

 • drawing inferences such as inferring characters’ feelings, thoughts and motives from their actions, and justifying inferences with evidence 

• predicting what might happen from details stated and implied 

writing: • in narratives, creating settings, characters and plot

The Extension Activity lets pupils try using morse code and could also help pupils understand that British communications technology has changed over time and therefore this activity could help teachers address: • a study of an aspect or theme in British history that extends pupils’ chronological knowledge beyond 1066

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Created by Anne Chapman.  With many thanks to Mrs E Chapman and pupils from Bignold Primary School, Norwich for testing these resources for us!