2nd Scrambled Messages Workshop: Code


Friday 16th May, 2014

This workshop brought together a diverse field including historians of technology, choreographers and digital artists to discuss ideas of coding in their work. We looked at how bodies can be co-opted into driving and participating in art installations through the digital coding of movement and behaviour. We also looked at the coding of the body and the body's hacking of code in choreography and performance.


Starting Point: thinking about code and Scrambled Messages. Prof. Clare Pettitt (King’s College, London).

Behaviour. Stuart Wood (Random International). More information.

Programmer as choreographer: coding, hacking and dancing. Dr Kate Sicchio (University of Lincoln). Video: Hacking the Body II.


Edgar Allan Poe, ‘The Goldbug’ in Tales (New York, Wiley and Putnam, 1845) pp. 1-36. Available online here.

Bruce J. Hunt, ‘Insulation for an Empire: Gutta-Percha and the Development of Electrical Measurement in Victorian Britain’ in Semaphores to Short Waves ed. by Frank James (RSA, 1998). Available online here.

William H. Sherman, ‘How to Make Anything Signify Anything’, Cabinet, 40 (Winter 2010/2011). Available online here.


Edward Burne-Jones, King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid (1884)


Grateful thanks to all our participants:

Caroline Arscott (CIA)

Anne Chapman (KCL)

Natalie Hume (KCL)

Frank James (UCL, Royal Institution)

Cassie Newland (KCL)

Clare Pettitt (KCL)

Kate Sicchio (University of Lincoln)

Bill Sherman (University of York, V&A)

Stuart Wood (Random International)

Stuart Wood's dog (who was very well behaved)

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