Caroline ArscottCaroline Arscott is Principal Investigator and Professor of History of Art at The Courtauld Institute of Art.  Caroline Arscott has lectured at The Courtauld since 1988: extending her study of the Victorian art world from an initial focus on modern life painting in the 1840s and 1850s into the late Victorian period (in relation to the Aesthetic Movement).   She is Senior Fellow at the Paul Mellon Centre for the Study of British Art in 2014-15, preparing a book on art and science in the 1870s.  Until 2014 she was Head of Research at The Courtauld.  Her publications include articles on a wide range of Victorian artists including William Holman Hunt, Gibson, Millais, Leighton, Poynter, Whistler, Sickert, Tissot, Fildes, Scharf and Frith.  She collaborated with Katie Scott in the publication of essays on art and sexuality, Manifestations of Venus, Manchester University Press, Manchester, 2000. In 2008 she published William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones: Interlacings, Yale University Press, New Haven and London. Email

Anne Chapman

Anne Chapman is a Scrambled Messages PhD Researcher based in the King's College London English Department, where she also completed her MA in English Literature 1850 to Present. Her project investigates interruption and short fiction in the nineteenth century.  She leads the project’s development of education resources for schools. Email

Natalie Hume

Natalie Hume is a Scrambled Messages PhD Researcher based at The Courtauld Institute of Art where she also completed her MA in History of Art. Email

Mark Miodownik

Mark Miodownik is Professor of Materials & Society and Director of Institute of Making at UCL where he teaches and runs a research group. He received his Ph.D in turbine jet engine alloys from Oxford University in 1996 and since then has published more than 100 research papers. His current research interests are smart materials, innovative manufacturing, and sensoaesthetic materials. Prof Miodownik regularly presents BBC TV programmes on engineering, and he is author of Stuff Matters which won the Royal Society Winton Prize. In 2014 he was elected a fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. More | Email

Cassie Newland

Cassie Newland is Post-doctoral Research Associate on the Scrambled Messages project. She is an archaeologist based at King's College London. Focusing on the archaeology of technology Cassie has published on the mobile phone, transit vans, experimental wireless stations, and international telegraphy. Her current research interests include the Materials of the Telegraph, Junk Mail and the Analogue Archive, and Telecommunications Landscapes. Cassie lectures in archaeology and anthropology, regularly presents programs on TV and radio and is a Visiting Fellow at the University of Bristol. More | Email 

Frances Patman is Archives Services Officer at the King's College London Archives which houses the collection of Sir Charles Wheatstone's personal papers and objects donated by him to the university. Frances was responsible for the re-cataloguing and selective digitization of the collection and together with Katie Sambrook devised the recent exhibition of Wheatstone's life and works . She is also an expert in palaeography, (an essential if you've ever seen Wheatstone's handwriting). Email

Clare Pettitt

Clare Pettitt is Professor of Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture in the English Department at King's College London. Her research interests include the History of the Book and Ideas of Authorship, Media and Technology, and Victorian ideas of multiple pasts.  She has long been interested in the intersections of  what we call 'technology' and what we call 'culture.'  Her first book, Patent Inventions: Intellectual Property and the Victorian Novel  (2004) argued that the debate over the ownership of both mechanical and literary property in the nineteenth century had profound effects on the way texts were written, and the way in which authors represented their authorship.  Her research for Dr Livingstone, I Presume: Missionaries, Journalists, Explorers, and Empire (2007) first got her interested in the transatlantic cable. Clare is currently finishing two books; one called Distant Contemporaries: Revolution, Time Lag and Form in the Early Nineteenth Century and a second linked volume called The Digital Switch: Literature and Transmission 1850-1920.  More | Email

Katie Sambrook, special collectionsKatie Sambrook is Head of Special Collections at the Maughan Library, King's College London. Katie is responsible for the Wheatstone Collection, a bequest of approximately 2000 books and pamphlets from Sir Charles Wheatstone at his death. Katie has recently overseen a re-cataloguing of the Wheatstone collection as part of the Scrambled Messages project as well as working with KCL archives to produce the recent exhibition of Wheatstone's life and works. Email